When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer there is so much more to think about than just money.

Investing in preserving your memories is more than worth it.

I pride myself on being more than ‘just’ a photographer. I’ll be the first one pinning boutonnieres, telling Uncle Bob to get his act together, and helping to make sure that every aspect of your day is captured as organically as possible.

I love adventures, real smiles, belly laughs, sunsets, guys who show emotion, pretty light, when couples ask my opinion, unique locations and rowdy dance floors. I don’t love lists of overly posed moments, iPhones in the way, requests for ‘skinny’ editing, meaningless ceremony rituals or stiff poses.

I'll be the first one to admit when something isn't working and the last one wiping away their tears. I'm the photographer that captures all of the in-between. The one who poses you one way, admits it's not quite right and prompts you into another pose without actually posing you at all. 

It's pretty likely that you've never done this before and questions are sure to come up. That’s where I come in! How much time do I need for this, what about for that? Should we do a First Look? Receiving Line? I've been around weddings a time or two (or thirty) and have a good grasp on how long things usually take and how much time I will need to best photograph each part of your day.

I love genuine connection and telling your story.



 I N V E S T M E N T









Working Together: The Process



You tell me all about you! Where are you getting married? When? What’s your vision for your day?

Getting to know my couples on a more personal level helps me with your dynamic and the two of you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Win-win for everyone! If your budget is the only reason we aren’t working together, but we’re a match made in heaven - reach out to me!



I’ll send over some pricing information and we’ll set up a time to talk. We can meet up, chat on the phone - whatever works for the two of you. I know life is busy and meeting isn’t always easy, so we’ll make something happen.

I’ve learned not every photographer is right for every couple and finding that perfect match in my couples, allows me to make magic.




You decide you can’t wait to have me photograph your wedding and I can’t wait to work with the two of you!

I’ll send over your Invoice for your 25% Retainer (your balance is due four weeks prior to the wedding) and Contract, then it’s onto the fun stuff. (P.S. I do offer payment plans as well!)



This is where we can really start to have fun. I always say that with Engagement Sessions, the sky is the limit. We’ll decide on locations and outfits that are all about the two of you.

Once your session is finished you’ll be able to walk away feeling like pros and easing your wedding day worries. You’ll never say ‘we’re so awkward’ again!




Over the next few months or year, you’ll really get into the planning process and I’m here for it! Whether it’s a text when you cross off a big item on your to-do list, or a recommendation for a florist; I’m in this with you!

Whatever you need, don’t ever hesitate to let me know.



It’s your wedding day and I’m back to serve you, whatever you need. Maybe the guys need boutonnieres pinned on or Aunt Terri needs help serving cake (happened just this year!); if I’m not photographing something I’m more than happy to jump in.

From big moments to candids, I’ll be capturing it all.




Your day is over, the dress has been hung and you’re off to your Honeymoon. No worries, sneak peeks are on the way!

I’ll post a handful of sneak peeks right away, a blog post about half way through the editing process and your full gallery will be delivered within two months of your wedding day. I can’t wait to show you your photos!



Our relationship doesn’t have to end with your wedding. We’ve spent so much time together that by now we’re friends and I’m here for you.

Maybe you’d like to do an Anniversary Session for your one year? Or maybe you have a little one on the way? Maybe it’s that you’d like to do a Family Session? I’ve got your back and will take care of you for life.




The best part about Couples Sessions is that they’re all about you!

We'll do what you want and go where you want (I have more than enough suggestions to go around) - I’m here for the ride. You love the beach, let’s go! Maybe you’re happiest in your own home, invite me over! Maybe you hike every weekend and want to spend some time in the woods, perfect I have hiking boots!

Your Engagement Session is probably one of the first times you’ll be professionally photographed together and you should definitely DREAM BIG. Not only is it a great way for me to get to know the two of you, but it's the best way for you to see how I work to help ease your wedding day nerves.

Or maybe you’d like to do a Couples Session for an anniversary, to spend some time reconnecting or just simply to showcase the two of you. Whatever the case may be, the sky's the limit!

These photos should be all about you, after all, they’re yours, not mine.