I'm Brittany; lover of succulents, painted nails and pretty blooms. Photographer to fiercely in love couples and adventurous families all over Michigan. 

I am first and most importantly Max’s-Mom and Nathan’s wife, but I am also, so much more than that. I am a passionate Metro-Detroit Wedding and Family Photographer, traveling all over (Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, West Michigan, and Detroit, to name a few), capturing moments and connections, rather than cheesy grins and grandma poses.

Devoted to raising my little man as best as I can, I started like most ‘Mom-Tog's’ and turned my hobby and passion into my career. Since as far back as I can remember, I've been with camera in hand or an old photo album on the table. There is undeniably no greater nostalgia than sifting through photos, telling stories and remembering-when. Wanting to share that passion with my son is what started my journey into photography.

I've taken quite a few photos, learned a lot, and really indulged in my creative side to figure out who I am as a photographer.

There has always been and always will be a special place in my heart for those unforgettable moments; the ones that allow you to feel instead of just see. With a soul that thrives on connection, I photograph with my heart. I aim to capture love; the passion between a Bride and Groom, the compassion between a mother and child, the protection of a father and everything in-between. 

I want to photograph what makes you, you. So lets chat, go on an adventure together - one that will capture your story.