If you've made it this far, you must have seen something you like along the way and for that I am so thankful!

 Whether you're looking for someone to capture your Engagement photos, Wedding Day or both, finding the right style and price point are probably your top priorities. Here at B Emerson Photography I pride myself on being a storyteller and a helping hand to all of my couples. We start with the talk that no on likes to have - money, and move on to booking your Engagement Session, talk about your Timeline (a lot), the details of your day and by the time I see you at your Wedding we're like old friends.

There is no one person you will spend more time with on your Wedding Day and and to say you shouldn't take that lightly is an understatement. I’ve learned not every photographer is right for every couple and

finding the perfect match in my couples allows me to make


Following my heart and staying true to my creative direction is nothing more than having your best interest at heart.



my style

I love adventures, real smiles and laughter, sunsets, Grooms who show emotion, natural light, timeless traditions, when Brides ask my opinion and cool places. I'll be the first one to admit when something isn't working and the last one wiping away their tears. I don’t love lists of Pinterest poses, ipones in the way, requests for ‘skinny’ editing, meaningless ceremony rituals or stiff poses. I love GENUINE CONNECTION and sneaky-kisses when you think I'm not looking. 

I'm the photographer that captures all of the in-between. The one who poses you one way, admits it's not quite right and prompts you into another pose without actually posing you at all. 

engagement session

The best part about Engagement Sessions is that they’re all about you! We'll do what you want and go where you want (I have more than enough suggestions to go around) - I’m here for the ride.

You love the beach, let’s go! Maybe you’re happiest in your own home, invite me over! Maybe you hike every weekend and want to spend some time in the woods, perfect I have hiking boots!

This is probably one of the first times you’ll be professionally photographed together and you should definitely DREAM BIG. Not only is it a great way for me to get to know the two of you, but it's the best way for you to see how I work to help ease your wedding day nerves.

your timeline

Everyone has questions about this and that's where I come in.

It's pretty likely that you've never done this before and questions are sure to come up. How much time do I need for this, what about for that? Should we do a First Look? What about a Receiving Line?

I've been around weddings a time or two (or twenty) and have a good grasp on how long things usually take and how much time I will need to best photograph each part of your day.

We'll talk about all of this long before your Wedding day, so no worries!


wedding day

The moment you've been waiting for is finally here and you'll be filled to the brim with excitement and nerves. No worries, I gotcha. 

I'm a little weird, can be bossy if I need to and have no problem telling Uncle Bob to get his act together. I'll help to keep us on time and make sure that every aspect of your day is captured.


image delivery

Images are delivered approximately two weeks after your Engagement Session in an Online Gallery which is both shareable and downloadable. A normal Engagement Session will usually receive 60+ photos.

Images are delivered approximately eight weeks after your Wedding in an Online Gallery which is both shareable and downloadable, as well as in an App for your Smartphone.

In additional to the electronic delivery, you will receive a Custom USB with all of your photos from both the Engagement Session and Wedding Day. 

For a typical Wedding you can expect 60-80 photos per hour of coverage.


Just like I’ve learned that not all photographers are meant for everyone, I also know that it’s not all about the money. Yes, PEOPLE COME FIRST AND MONEY COMES SECOND! 


Photographing Couples is a huge part of my heart, something I'm so passionate about, and I’m always willing to openly discuss budget to make something work if I’m able to.

That being said, if you’re just shopping for the lowest price, then I’m probably not your girl.